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about two hands create

for the love of letters & creating

What's in a name? The idea to call my shop "Two Hands Create" came to mind because I am ambidextrous! I was born left-handed, but in the second grade I taught myself how to write with my right hand as I felt left out. My right hand has been my default writing hand ever since. However, lettering is more than just writing. There is a lot of detail work involved. My left hand is still what I gravitate to for fine details and general art. So I use both hands with every single piece created.

I began lettering in late 2016 and dabbled into some items for sale and custom work for friends and family, but did not seriously invest in my artwork and shop until the beginning of 2019.

My creative focus made a big shift to wood burning, aka. pyrography. I'm not sure why it was something that I wanted to learn, but I purchased some wood and a wood burner and got to work. As the process is slow, I find it extremely relaxing and meditative. I have a lot of fun lettering names and quotes on wood and I'm glad I've taken this direction with my art. I can't wait to create something for you!



Artist & Owner

I create all of my artwork from my home in the Crowsnest Pass in Alberta, Canada. The mountains and nature that surrounds me is a big inspiration for me. When I'm not creating or working at my full-time job (which I also do from home), I am President and Trip Coordinator for the Crowsnest Outdoors Society, which is our local hiking club. I have also recently started streaming on Twitch, which is slowly becoming a legitimate part-time job and is so much fun! You can also find me mountain biking out on the trails or drinking coffee at one of our local cafes.