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frequently asked questions


How do I request a quote or submit an order for a personalized piece?

Please visit this page and read all of the information. Then click on the link in the appropriate section for what you're looking for and complete the form. I will then respond to you within 24 hours.

Above all, communication is key! Don't be afraid to talk to me a lot about what you're looking for. I don't mind if you are picky either! I want to make sure I create exactly what you want. 

With every request, I will always do a rough draft in pencil (unless it's a digital piece). A photo will be sent to get your approval before I go in permanently. I have no problem making changes at this stage. 

You will also receive a photo half way through, as well as a final photo.

I reserve the right to charge for my time and materials if you request changes to be made after I have started to go in permanently, as it will require me to start over. Anticipate a lot of communication with me! I strive to create the perfect piece that you are looking for.

With digital pieces, changes can be made at any time.

Can I get you to recreate something I saw on Instagram or Pinterest?

To be blunt, no. I will not copy another artists work. Not only is it extremely unfair to that artist, but it is really awkward to try and copy someone else's style. I have done this in the past in error, and I will never do it again. 

What I do suggest and recommend is to provide photos as inspiration. Definitely show me a photo of something you like. Almost always people find quotes online that they want lettered and this is fine. Just please note that I only use my own style when I create pieces for you!

Do you have any restrictions on what you will create?

At this time, I don't do any realism (with the exception of mountains), portraits, or large landscapes as that is not where my strengths lie.

Quotes, sayings, and names make up the vast majority of the work that I have done and will continue to do. I am willing to letter just about anything. But please be aware that I have the right to refuse a request if I am not comfortable doing it. I don't anticipate ever receiving such a request.

Why don't you have a price list for personalized requests? How is pricing determined?

This is something that I am going to try my hardest to have by spring 2020. The honest truth is that it's difficult to create a set price list for custom work.

The factors that go into pricing are:

  • my time (prep and completing)

  • cost of materials and finish

  • length of names or quotes

  • any detail work on the letters

  • any extra details (landscapes)

When I provide a quote before starting the piece, I am guesstimating how long it will take me to complete. I don't often change the price from quoting to finalizing, unless it ended up taking me much longer or shorter than anticipated.

I apologize in advance if filling out the form for a quote is an inconvenience.

Why is a digital piece priced just as high, or more, than something on paper or wood burned?

In general, my digital pieces tend to be a bit cheaper than if it were physical. However, I think that a large misconception about a digital piece is that because there is nothing physical being provided and no materials are being used by the artist (apart from the digital device and software), the price should always be lower.

I put the same amount of effort into a digital piece than I do a physical one. A digital piece can also be re-printed by the buyer multiple times over, if needed. For these reasons, the pricing could work out to be about the same or more than a physical piece.

Do you offer delivery or pickup if I live in or near the Crowsnest Pass?

Absolutely! Please let me know when you first message me that you are local so that we can arrange delivery or pickup.

How do you take payments?

ONLINE SHOP (when activated):

  • Credit & Debit

  • PayPal


  • In-Person

    • Cash​

    • Credit Card 

    • Interac eTransfer

      • Must be sent and accepted by me prior to delivery/pickup

  • Shipping Required​

    • PayPal​

    • Interac e-Transfer

      • Must be sent and accepted by me in order to ship

MARKETS (for ready-to-buy art):

  • Cash

  • Credit Card

  • Interac e-Transfer, but only on an exception basis

Do you ship internationally?

At this time I only ship within Canada. If you are located outside of Canada and really want something from me, we could work on arranging that. You would be responsible for all shipping costs.

Since digital pieces are sent electronically, you can be located anywhere in the world for these.